Vampires And Water

This is just fun, and vampire flash fiction is hard to come by. Happy reading.

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Photo by: Roger Bultot

Shannon and Nils escaped across the river. The vampire glared at them from across the river.

“We’re safe,” said Nils. “Vampires can’t cross running water.”

“Are you sure?,” shuddered Shannon. “Maybe they just don’t like it?”

Sure enough, the very hungry vampire began swimming across.

The two watched it, slack-jawed.

“I didn’t expect that,” said Nils.

“It does explain a lot. Maybe it stays that way if wet. Lets put it in a water bucket.”

Days later Nils called her.

“I put the vampire/fish in with my piranhas,” said Shannon.

“How cruel!”

“I know. My piranhas have stomach aches.”
Written for the Friday Fictioneers:

Author’s Notes:

Part of the vampire myth is that they cannot cross running water. I wondered what the reason was…

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Mythology-twisting author and editor, reptile hoarder, coffee drinker, harpy. Author of The Shinigami Vampire Series and The Wind Between Worlds.

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