Five Poisons

BOOK 1 – COMING 2020
BOOK 2 – COMING 2020
BOOK 3 – COMING 2021


Celeste is the Witch of Stars, but the future of her coven is far from bright…

Something is stirring in The Gone, the dark realm where demons reign supreme and plot to break through the chains which bind them. Sworn to protect the world from those evil forces, sixteen-year-old Celeste’s greatest powers are chewing anxiety pills and stress-eating. 

As the head of her generation of witches known as the Five Poisons, Celeste struggles to lead the wild and reckless girls who are supposed to be her sisters-in-magic. Where they are free and uninhibited by their powers, Celeste keeps hers buried inside, afraid to use her magic which weakens her mother every time she dares use it.

When a demon manages to slip into their world in the form of a troubled boy with a destiny as big as her own, Celeste must confront her fears head-on and take charge. As Celeste tries to reunite her estranged sisters to come together as one to fulfill their purpose, a hidden truth unearthed from the depths of the covens’ history is revealed. A secret which threatens to burn both the human and demon worlds to ash, and the only thing standing in its way are five dangerous and dysfunctional girls.

THE WIND BETWEEN WORLDS is the first book in the wickedly dark and spellbinding Five Poisons series where not all demons are evil, and magic comes at a price.

Get your copy of THE WIND BETWEEN WORLDS today and delve into the new paranormal fantasy series everyone is talking about.


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