The Harpy

Book 1 – OUT NOW
Book 2 – COMING 2020


Charity Blake survived a nightmare. Now she is one.

By day, punk-rock runaway Charity Blake struggles through a stream of dead-end jobs and the haunting memories of her past. But at night she is the Harpy, sprouting wings and claws made for tearing the flesh of her prey. 

Having survived a lifetime of abuse and torment from a sadistic man who broke her spirit, Charity’s physical manifestation of her grief and anger allows her to hunt down those like her abuser. Only this time, Charity isn’t a helpless little girl praying for things to end. Now she is the monster, and Hell hath no fury like a Harpy scorned.

Power always comes at a price though, and Charity’s inner predator craves to take over. Torn between a life with no feeling other than the sweet satisfaction at ripping evil apart or suffering through her days to stay with the two people she cares for most, Charity must choose between her human existence or the wild and feral freedom of a flying avenger.

A perfect read for fans of Joe Hill, Anne Rice, and Chuck Palahniuk, THE HARPY is the first book in the chilling and deeply disturbing world of the Harpyverse where victims become vigilantes and power is a thing to be played with.

Get your copy of THE HARPY today and delve into the deliciously dark paranormal horror everyone is talking about.


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