Vampires of Fate

Running Home – Book 1
Running Away – Book 2
Crawling Back – Book 3


Death seems to follow Ellie Morgan. Now someone’s out for blood.

Tucked away in rural New Hampshire, awkward booklover Ellie lives a simple life, keeping herself detached from others. With just a single friend in a world that has taken her family from her, a part of Ellie longs for something more than nights on the couch and dull days working in a gift shop.

Enter Nicholas French.

Something about the new guy in town sparks a burning desire within Ellie, something more than his rugged good looks and piercing gaze that can see into her lonely soul. Fate has led him to Ellie’s small town, and Nicholas’ interest in her is more than undeniable attraction.

As Ellie learns more about Nicholas’ dark yet noble nature, she discovers a part of herself she never knew existed, and why the threads of her destiny feel intertwined with his. But Ellie’s chance at a new life comes at a cost, and in the end, fate may be the one to decide if she’ll live or die.

 RUNNING HOME is the first book in the dangerously passionate and deeply romantic Vampires of Fate series where not all monsters are evil, and love comes with a bite.

Get your copy of RUNNING HOME today and delve into the new and seductive paranormal romance series everyone is talking about.


Death arrived at Ellie Morgan’s doorstep. Now she welcomes it.

Having lost her last link to the mortal world, Ellie Morgan is ready to embrace her destiny. Stricken with grief and tormented over what happened in her once quiet hometown, she and her new lover Nicholas travel to Japan to meet the one man who can alter Ellie’s life for eternity. 

The Master of the Shinigami Vampires has taught centuries worth of recruits, but no one like Ellie. As Ellie prepares for her new immortal life and focuses her attention on her training, she learns more than she bargained for about the leader Nicholas and the rest of the vampires follow without question. 

As Ellie’s powers stir within her and whisper secrets through scattered visions that warn her not everything is as it seems, things go from bad to worse when her relationship with Nicholas becomes strained like never before, thanks in part to a fiery rebel vampire named Kieran who encourages Ellie to explore all of her options…

RUNNING AWAY is the second book in the romantically charged and darkly riveting Vampires of Fate series where not all gods are heavenly, and love comes with sacrifice.

Get your copy of RUNNING AWAY today and delve into the new and seductive paranormal romance series everyone is talking about.


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Death came easy for Ellie Morgan. Immortality is another thing entirely.

After exposing the vicious lies of the Shinigami Master and changing the vampire world forever, Eliza Morgan is now free to live her afterlife on her own terms. Becoming one with an ancient death god has left her with terrifying abilities, but also a burning sense of purpose. A purpose that leads her and her lover, Nicholas, back to where it all began.

Rotting away in New Hampshire, her old enemy, Lynch, holds the key to unveiling the truth behind Eliza’s unsettling urge to dig into the past, to reveal the secrets she knows are being hidden there. Eliza must face not only her own dark history but those of beings far more dangerous and deadly than her.

Under the weight of appalling revelations and an unhinged forgotten god, Eliza is once again tasked with choices that could create a new world order or destroy it forever.

CRAWLING BACK is the explosive final installment in the deliciously dark and addictive VAMPIRES OF FATE series, where the truth won’t always set you free and one’s destiny can be rewritten.

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