Run TO, not away from my book.

TODAY’S BREW: It’s boiling out but I will drink Aldi’s Donut Shoppe until I sweat caffeine

By Julie 

I want to clear this up.

The book is called RUNNING AWAY. It is not an instruction manual. Do not do that.

This book does not require (or come with) running shoes.

RUNNING AWAY is the sequel to RUNNING HOME. Do run to read that first before this one. HERE’S THE LINK. RUNNING HOME: book 1, the Shinigami Vampires

This is RUNNING AWAY: book 2. SO PRETTY. Click here for RUNNING AWAY

Running Away Cover

Okay, so I’ve been kinda funny, but now I’ll be serious-ish.

Fun fact, I wrote all of RUNNING HOME by hand. Every last word. Didn’t even own a computer. It wasn’t until I realized I’d done something that deserved a chance that I got a laptop and started typing–and found out that I had more than one book handwritten in half a dozen binders, notebooks, scraps… And RUNNING AWAY was born.

To write a first book matters. It’s the turning point, the first foot in the deep end.

To write a sequel means you’ve committed. You are IN it. There’s not even a towel on the other side of the deep end now.

To publish a sequel after experiencing all the difficulties that I have with this series is invigorating… Empowering. But that is a story for another blog. For now I will tell you that this series, this book, have been through hell. And that we came out on the other side of. Join us there.




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I write scary stories with pretty insides. Mythology-twisting author and editor, reptile hoarder, coffee drinker, harpy. Author of The Vampires of Fate and The Harpy.

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