TODAY’S BREW: Ohhhhhh fuuuuudge from Bones Coffee (World’s Freshest Small Batch Coffee – Bones Coffee Company)

By Julie

Cool cool, what’s up with you guys, nothing much here, good good. I can’t stop moving or talking, promoting this book, so you have to listen until I eventually pass out.

BUT ATTENTION: I see there’s an issue with Amazon not showing THE HARPY for free. Tell you what, email me at juleshutch at outlook.com, tweet me Julie Hutchings (@HutchingsJulie) / Twitter, or comment below and I shall send you the book FREEEEEEEEE.

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Published by Julie Hutchings, Pretty Scary Author

I write scary stories with pretty insides. Mythology-twisting author and editor, reptile hoarder, coffee drinker, harpy. Author of The Vampires of Fate and The Harpy.

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