IT LIVES! The final Vampires of Fate novel rears its undead head!

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By Julie

YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU’D SEE THE DAY but the Vampires of Fate (the trilogy formerly known as the Shinigami Vampires) is COMPLETE. Completo. Finito. Fin. Over. Overito. I’ll stop.

This series has been through Hell and back. There’s no form of publishing it hasn’t touched, no shortage of editing, no small number of covers, unlimited criticism and praise. RUNNING HOME is the book that made me an author, and for a million reasons it’s wildly close to my heart. Your first book…it bares your soul, man. And yet since then I’ve exposed more and more of myself in everything I’ve written, just in a less raw and literal way. I think the raw and literal is even more compromising. I worked through some stuff writing this series, and I learned that some stuff I’ll probably never work through and that’s just plain okay. It has to be. Pain and fear make the writer.

ANYWHOO, I’d love for you to see where this story led, who Eliza became. Yeah, it’s a scary vampire romance, but it’s about her and always has been. I wanted to do two things when I sat down to create this book in the heat of my first maternity leave, drunk with hormones after reading Twilight. Those things were yes, sleep, but these things too:

  1. Create a world where the extraordinary lies just beneath the ordinary.
  2. Make a grownup heroine with her own identity and fears.

I stayed very true to those expectations over the past 15 years. FIFTEEN YEARS. And I think it holds up.

I’d love for you to share the bittersweet end with me.


Go on now! Start your vampire binge. You can grab it at Barnes and Noble or Amazon of course. But just grab it and let me know what you think! Happy reading!

Published by Julie Hutchings, Pretty Scary Author

I write scary stories with pretty insides. Mythology-twisting author and editor, reptile hoarder, coffee drinker, harpy. Author of The Vampires of Fate and The Harpy.

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