Artist Spotlight: Dreaming in the Darkness with OCTOBER CULT!

Today’s Brew: Coconut-hot-lightnosugar ordered just like that from Dunkin Donuts, and it will always be Dunkin Donuts to me.

By Julie

Today I’m PSYCHED to introduce OCTOBER CULT, whose motto is the most prettiest “Dreaming in the Darkness. ” Easy to see why–their art aesthetic is all about the occult, macabre, ethereal and beauty. If you love hauntingly beautiful imagery and notions of romantic horror, be sure to check out their Dream Boxes (3-D Mixed-Media Collages) and moody, atmospheric photography. LIKE THIS PIECE OF PERFECT MACHINERY:

Alexandra & Jeremiah are a wife & husband team; their cat Isabel is also a part of their creative world. They keep a private profile here on Instagram, so please send a F͙o͙l͙l͙o͙w͙ request their way to be able to see some of their art creations & to be a part of the October Cult! Find them on Twitter where they get back to you super fast, too.

I mean, Jesus Christ, look at this:


I SUPPOSE if you can’t come see us at the Punk Rock Market where both I and Alexandra will be somehow contained within four walls at the same time, then you can buy their stuff NOW HERE RIGHT NOW:

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