Goodbye to the Rondo and a Story About Controversial Parking

TODAY’S BREW: International Delight because I know how to enjoy fanciness of the past By Julie This is not about COVID! And yes, it is a story about controversial parking, not a controversial story about parking. Today I’m in the process of saying goodbye to my car of 15 years, the Kia Rondo, Car ofContinue reading “Goodbye to the Rondo and a Story About Controversial Parking”

Happy International Women’s Day!

TODAY’S BREW: Hawaiian Chocolate Nut from Marylou’s News, the best local coffee place you’ll ever meet. By Julie International Women’s Day has become one of my favorite holidays. Real quick, I’ll tell you some of what it means to me: Nothing Can Stop Me. For instance, when I redid the kitchen in epic Julie vs.Continue reading “Happy International Women’s Day!”

List Your Fears!

TODAY’S BREW: This Christmas coconut thing from Bones Coffee By Julie Well, the reoccurring nightmare of losing all the teeth is coming true in bits and pieces. I know these suckers are supposed to last a lifetime but in my head, their design seems to be all wrong. Today is a good day to playContinue reading “List Your Fears!”

Post-Trumpatic Stress

TODAY’S BREW: hot dog water, the official coffee of the Trump administration By Julie On Inauguration Day, I was ecstatic, as most, if not all, of my readers and friends were. I was humbled, I was hopeful, and continue to see that hope grow every day since President Biden and Vice President Harris took overContinue reading “Post-Trumpatic Stress”

5 Things I Learned

TODAY’S BREW: I think it was hazelnut but it wasn’t enough By Julie While we all try to breathe in the aftermath of a 4-year slugfest and remember to come up for air, I thought you might like to see this post I did over at Chuckleberry Wendig’s blog, He once said about me,Continue reading “5 Things I Learned”

The Most Important Thing to Read

TONIGHT’S BREW: Peppermint Hot Chocolate By Julie It’s nearly midnight on Inauguration Day, and I’m as cozy and happy as can be with cocoa, an afghan, kiddos that are up too late, and hope for the future. Today we saw many firsts. This one comes to mind: This is also the first day where weContinue reading “The Most Important Thing to Read”


TODAY’S BREW: Ohhhhhh fuuuuudge from Bones Coffee (World’s Freshest Small Batch Coffee – Bones Coffee Company) By Julie Cool cool, what’s up with you guys, nothing much here, good good. I can’t stop moving or talking, promoting this book, so you have to listen until I eventually pass out. BUT ATTENTION: I see there’s anContinue reading “YA GOT TWO DAYS, PEOPLE”

Julie’s Long-Awaited Thoughts on Hollywood, Sexual Abuse, Mainstream Comic Movies and Other Stuff to Get Me Crucified

TODAY’S BREW: Cinnamon Hazelnut times 70 By Julie Lots and lots of people visited my post yesterday. Someone must have gotten caught doing something to spark it that I missed while I was pushing the new HARPY sequel (up for preorder right now: It got me thinking about that book and people andContinue reading “Julie’s Long-Awaited Thoughts on Hollywood, Sexual Abuse, Mainstream Comic Movies and Other Stuff to Get Me Crucified”

And YOU Get an Excerpt! from Harpy 2

TODAY’S BREW: Salty Bones from Bones Coffee Co. (get the holiday sampler like I just did. Again. World’s Freshest Small Batch Coffee – Bones Coffee Company) By Julie I may have mentioned that the sequel to THE HARPY is up for preorder now. Available through Audible, Kindle, paperback and hardcover on JANUARY 14TH, BABIES. GuessContinue reading “And YOU Get an Excerpt! from Harpy 2”